A street story


See the future

A dialogue with electricity

In my artworks, I try to connect art with electricity through the reflection in the street. However, the current of electricity running through the street but we cannot see it. When I walked around in the city center, I noticed an interesting thing that there are no telegraph poles. After that, I browsed my photo history, and I found a similarity comparing with my hometown, Shijiazhuang. Therefore, I want to make a record of telegraph poles which are being replaced by underground power cables in the city center. Because the telegraph poles could cause some large-scale accidents suddenly. Therefore, I want to combine the feature of street lights and telegraph poles with art to make attractive and interesting photographs. That is different from other photographers’ artworks. Notwithstanding, there are many images of telegraph poles on the website, while other photographers directly took them in the street. Therefore, I start to think about why I cannot try another way to see them? Can people still can find telegraph poles in the street after 50 years or longer? When we ramble in the road and look at the posters in front of the stores, in an aesthetics aspect, do you still can find some fascinating images which have telegraph poles? Taking photos for the historical features is my reaction to the passage of the time. In addition, I use a symbol style, adding lights within the reflections of paintings. Life is full of endless fun. If you still have a childishness or want to have an adventure, you will find some extraordinary and mystical creature around you.